Learn to Hula Hoop While Falling In Love With Your Body at Any Size

Develop AMAZING hula hoop skills, even if you think you have absolutely no rhythm, and even if you could never hula hoop as a child!

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"I learned so much about what my body can do!"

"I’m usually terrible at staying focused but, I love the course so much I keep coming back for more. I love the feeling of having Linz right there with me. She motivates me to hoop so much! I honestly thought learning to hoop would be really hard, but Ruby Hooping's Six Week Challenge proved me wrong! I feel like I can do anything now!"

Sound familiar?

You want to move your body in a way that is both good for you and truly feels good.

Maybe you've spent a lifetime looking for a workout you genuinely love, but you haven't found it yet. 

Or maybe you used to hula hoop, but it's been years and you're just not sure where to start again.

Maybe you tried hula hooping, and you even have a hula hoop in the back of your closet, but you didn't get the guidance you needed.

You've Seen Viral Videos of Hula Hoopers...

...And you were mesmerized by them, but because your body may not look like theirs, you feel like an outsider.

You've Looked Up Beginner Hula Hoop Tutorials on Youtube...

...But you still aren't clear on the best way to begin or which moves you should focus on first.

You Thought About Going to a Local Hula Hoop Class...

...But honestly right now, you would much rather learn at your own pace, in the privacy of your home.

You May Already Have A Beginner Hula Hoop And Think About Using It...

...But you're not even sure it's the right size or weight and you feel overwhelmed when you try to research.

My Message for You

Despite the doubt that says, “why even try?” I want you to know that YOU CAN DO THIS. Yes, you.

Your inner child's voice, the truest version of who you are, wants to be heard. To remind you that you deserve this. You deserve to feel good in your body and to enjoy being alive in the same way a child does.

Hooping does that.

I know because I was once a chubby little five year old girl WISHING I could hula hoop like my skinny friends.

And now I can. And so can you.

There is magic in mustering the courage to honor that inner child and to always pursue what moves us.

I'm Lindsay

For the past 10 years, I have been teaching hula hooping while cultivating and nurturing an accessible, body neutral, supportive community.

I realized early into my journey that hula hooping is a powerful catalyst for transformation in our lives

I believe in this so much that I have dedicated my life to sharing the magic with as many folks just like you as possible.

But it wasn't always like this.

I've been big my whole life. I know how it feels to see smaller women dancing or playing sports and doubting I could even do things like that with my thick legs and wide hips.

Before I found hoop dance, I struggled. I lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle, working in an office and never seeming to stick to an exercise routine.

I also wanted to lose weight but could never make it happen. My blood pressure was on the rise and I was tired all the time. I felt desperate, like a prisoner in my own body.

Hula hooping changed all of that for me. 

I became addicted immediately to the keen sense of accomplishment I felt every time I learned a new move. That drove me to practice every day. 

No more bargaining with myself to try to stick to a routine. No more feeling like a failure every time I skipped the gym. 

I started breaking a sweat every day without even trying - I just loved (and STILL love) hooping that much. 

Before long, I noticed my body felt much stronger. My flexibility and coordination vastly improved. I had energy brimming out of me. I lost weight easily.

I found myself admiring how I looked for the first time. I couldn't believe those were my hips, my arms moving with so much elegance.

Even my relationships improved with everyone in my life, because hooping helped me find peace within myself.

Now I get to spend my precious time feeling good about who and what I am, knowing I have hooping to ground me and carry me through life. 

If I can do it, you definitely can. And I'll be there with you every step of the way!

Just Imagine

Feeling electrified and absolutely joyous during exercise, for the first time in what feels like forever.

In my 6 week challenge, you will...

Gain Amazing New Hoop Skills.

Find a Renewed Sense of Purpose.

Nurture Your Relationship with Your Body.

Learn the Art of Flow.


Find your unique flow.

"Believe me when I say, you CAN do this!"

- Amy Giovanni

"Finding this course changed my whole outlook on hula hooping. I thought because I'm not a natural dancer, and I'm not thin, that I could never hula hoop, but I was so wrong! By the end of the first week I was doing AMAZING things that I honestly couldn't believe and never imagined I would do! And the best part is that I finally found a workout that doesn't feel like work! I'm a hooper for life!"


The no-fluff, all-fun online workshop experience and hoop journey toolkit that will get you started hooping, sweating, and feeling absolutely amazing instantly.

Perfect if you're a complete beginner or have been wingin' it for awhile and are ready to unleash your inner hoop hero!

Learn how you want, when you want.

Whether you want to learn from the privacy of your own living room, or take your device with you to the park, this course is designed for you to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

  • 6 full weeks of lessons - that's a whopping 42 videos!

  • Your own customizable hoop journey toolkit including printable guides and journal prompts

  • Stream course videos across all devices 24/7

  • Repeat any lesson as needed

  • Lifetime access to full online course

  • Get all future updates FREE!

  • Ongoing support from me and your fellow students

I'm ready to love my body in a whole new way.

What You'll Learn:


 Introduction to on-body foundation hula hooping. Get your feet wet with a wide variety of foundational moves to give you a broad understanding of hoop dance as a whole.


  • Waist, Hip & Leg Hooping
  • Intro to some impressive yet easy to execute off-body moves
  • My favorite stretch routine for hooping


We build on last week by adding in more upper body hooping skills. Then we take a break from on-body hooping to learn some more off-body moves as well.  Start discussing the concept of flow and how moves work together to create a seamless dance.


  • Shoulder Hooping
  • Chest Hooping
  • Breaks and Paddles
  • Build your off-body treasure chest of moves
  • How to chain moves together


Delving further into off body moves including elegantly beautiful isolations, palm spins, as well as variations of moves we've already learned. More on flow and tying it all together as we gain knowledge.


  • Hand tricks like isolations & palm spins
  • Escalators, forward & reverse
  • Horizontal and vertical plane concepts
  • Hand positions and various grips
  • More on flowing from one move to the next


Begin working on more technical moves and explore how to mix these up with more basic moves as you flow. Start exploring dance concepts and learning how to move your body with the hoop like you're dance partners.


  • Vortex
  • Four Petal Flowers
  • Ghosting Isolation techniques
  • Dance concepts for hooping
  • How to incorporate these into flow
  • How to move your free hand
  • Footwork


Learn techniques you can build on that will open up the pathway for your personality to shine through in your flow. Learn how to roll the hoop on your body as well as toss the hoop, which allow for hand grip changes, making these moves great tools for transitions from one move to the next which is ultimately how you build your own unique style.


  • Chest and back rolls
  • Tosses & catches
  • Folds with variations
  • How to use these moves as transitions


Learn a choreographed hoop flow to gain a deeper understanding of how we chain moves together so you can flow naturally.  Go deeper for more ideas to help your own unique flair shine through.


  • A choreographed hoop flow
  • More on transitions
  • Ideas to build your own flow


  1. SKILLS - a full foundation
  2. KNOWLEDGE - of all the ways we can move with our hoop
  3. NEWFOUND CONFIDENCE in your body and abilities 
  4. COURAGE to blossom into your own unique hoop style!

Oh, and did I mention inner peace?

Experience the magic.

"Thank you Linz, for creating this Ruby phenomenon..."

"Thank you Linz, for creating and curating this Ruby phenomenon, and thank you to everyone who helps keep the Ruby wheel running. We appreciate and love you! For a long time following a traumatic event, I was in a dark hole. Discovering hula hooping lifted me out. It gave me something positive to focus on, and a reason to move my body. It brought me back to life because I had something to look forward to every day. When I found Lindsay and Ruby Hooping, all my reservations about my body type not being fit for this exercise disappeared. My life is infinitely better because of hooping and I’ve made amazing friendships along the way."

Join the Ruby Community!


When you choose Ruby Hooping to guide you on your journey, you get a priceless gift: 

A beautiful, close-knit flow family of diverse people who uplift each other and share skills. 

You will be invited to join our Facebook group, which has 3,400+ active and helpful members. 

We also hold an annual Ruby Retreat, a transformative weekend where we skill share and make new best friends.

It literally does not matter how big or small you are, how old or fit you are, or whether you have ever hula hooped before. 

Modern hoop dance is beautifully adaptable to all people!

Need hoops? No problem!

Hula hoops come in all different sizes, just like people.

Don't miss the opportunity to buy your hoops at a special discount as a new student - look for the hoop add-on during checkout!

Here's EVERYTHING that's included...